Saturday, March 27, 2010

3.27.2010 LeeMoyer


  1. Nice! color this one!

    I now realize that I have absolutely no idea what you will post from day to day. It can be a stick figure one day, then a fully rendered painting the next, then an idea for a logo, then...........

    I think it's cool though, keeps it fresh!

  2. That makes 2 of us. My life is a mystery to me most of all...

    In this case, I will be the Artist Guest of Honor at Baycon in Santa Clara over Memorial Day (Peter Beagle is the Author du jour), and I've spent a couple days recreating some of the bizarre drawings that were my hallmark back in the days of making my meagre living at conventions. They're not always pretty... but they are wacky.

    I would never have thought to color this one without your goading though, so you'll have no one but yourself to blame. lol