Friday, October 30, 2009

10.30.09 DHohn

Moving off of my drawing table and on to the cool stuff on my mantle.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

10.29.08 L.White

Did this in heat fixable charcoal. Just heat to 225 degrees and it doesn't smear or anything. Nice!! Too bad the company that makes it is out of business. : (

10-29-09 Skeenan

More development for my little hawk hunters!

10.29.08 L.White

10.29.09 DHohn

More of the "What's on My Drawing Table" series.
(Stupid seasonal cold means that I'm practically inhaling cough drops)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

10.25.09 LMoyer

A little Starstruck drawing that's intentionally not a known style of mine...

10.24.09 DHohn

Did some figure drawing last night at AiPD.
I decided to give sketching in watercolor a try.
Not the most comfortable way to work since there can be a lot of wet on wet; which in a 5 min sketch does not allow for a lot of drying time. It does encourage the mastery of drybrush technique though.

10.24.09 LMoyer

More straight painting in Photoshop.
Gotta get 'em in before I travel to San Jose on Wednesday and will be without the computer for nearly a week,,,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10.22.09 HGolson

Remember me?

10.21.09 DHohn

My background layout class was drawing in Pioneer Place today (had to get out of the rain) and these are a couple of the sketches I snuck in between chatting with students.

10-21-09 SKeenan

I'm entering a concept art contest that awards some amazing exposure for the winners. The aim is to create the ultimate hunter. It can be anything, they just want every aspect explored and what the world of this hunter is. So far everybody is doing the same boring generic warrior and alien bounty hunters type stuff. I had this idea of "hawk hunters". Little rodents who must combine engineuity (rope, weapons, parachutes) and fighting skill to keep the skies over their colony clear of the constant threat of birds of prey. I like the idea of role reversal and the unexpected. Here are a few drawings I've done to get my creative juices flowing.