Monday, October 19, 2009

10.19.09 DHohn

Sorry to have been away for so long. Just after my last post I went down hard with the sickness that's been going around.

Anyway, I'm now only "mostly dead" and wanted to continue posting the series tonal sketches. This here's the next in the series.


  1. I hope that you are feeling MUCH better.
    Considering my deadlines, I'm tempted to go all Masque of the Red Death and hole up til spring...

    The weird thing about this series is that by now I am anxious to have this child eaten. His behavior is clearly problematic, but worse is the fact that we're not allowed to see anything but the little blighter.

    But aside from my growing pedapathic thoughts, this one seems basically good. For myself, I'd like to see a couple perspective things dealt with: I'd like the paws more differentiated (and more like the shadows they are casting. And shouldn't we see the lions chin at least?) and I'd like a more extreme perspective on the foreground bars which seem almost exactly parallel instead of tightening obviously as they shrink toward the bottom of the piece in a more dynamic fashion. But those are small things...

  2. Great comments! I appreciate your thoughts on the narrative as much as issues with the drawings.

    I've got the next one ready to post so we'll see how this little guy makes out.

    BTW, I know what you mean about cutting off access to the outside world. My sickbed vacation only happened to coincide with the conclusion of my recent project with Disney -- thank god.