Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10.20.09 L.White


  1. Nice! Especially the top freeway overpass. (I also enjoy how the dates on your blog posts have nothing to do with the current calendar.)

  2. yea, it's a little mix-n-match. I did the two top pages yesterday tho'! I also haven't posted any of the paint studies I've been doing.

    I figure maybe I'll just do a weekly art dump and post that week's sketches. I've just been so bad about the scanning...

  3. Yes indeed.
    The scanning is the tricky bit for me too.

  4. I'm with you guys on the scanning thing.

    But Lee W., I wasn't giving you a hard time about when you did the actual sketches -- instead I was busting your chops because you dated this blog post Aug 20 2009, and your last one was Sept 19 2009 etc.