Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7-29-09 SK

Figured I'd just post the colored final. Man talk about a "sketch" getting out of control lol. I did not plan on taking it this far, took about 3 and a half hours of my after noon. At least I got me a nice little piece of fan art now lol. And for the record, I DO know Beetlejuice is Burton, this is my reboot!!! LOL ..anyways


today's quick sketch demo...

7-29-09 SK

OK, I need to explain this painting. I had this idea of a Beetlejuice redesign (just for fun), but in a more darker and maniacal style, and after seeing the new Alice in Wonderland trailer I got inspired by that Tim Burton style. Also, you guys are pumping out these head studies recently, which also inspired me. So, this "speed painting" turned into 3 hours of experimentation LOL.

7.29.09 DH

I'm noticing that I like sketching in paint recently.
This is from my recent Korean trip. This is the royal palace in Seoul.
Keep an eye on the water-based oils I used for this -- they take an absurdly long time to dry (which is good if you're prepared for it)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey, I'm running a little behind on the scans. I'll post today's sketch (which I'm getting ready to do) tomorrow...

7-27-09 SK

07.25.09 - 07.27.09 DH

Here's sketches from this weekend. Part of the landscape painting course I'm auditing.
After some frustrating starts on the homework I discovered that doing preliminary sketches are really important. (I have no idea why I thought that sketches wouldn't be appropriate for plein air paintings) Anyway these are both quick and fun, but also really beneficial.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

7-26-09 SK

Another version of the giant ant excavation concept. With this comp and value scheme I want the focus to be on the intricate ways in which the scientists have rigged the scaffolding and pulleys, and also contrasting the huge scale of the ant to the little workers and equipment. After looking at this comp further, perhaps I need to indicate more that the ant is in fact partially buried in the earth. I don't know..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

7-25-09 SK

Exploring comps for my idea of this gigantic ant being excavated. I'm psuhing the scale to almost ridiculous lengths. But I think its where I want it to be.

Added: Just finished a value sketch of one of the comps. This one draws more from rock climbers stumbling upon the giant ant instead of a full on excavation. Perhaps these guys were the first ones to discover the beast, and then later the big excavation begins.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

7.23.09 LW

hey, didn't get a chance to date these, but it's what I've been doing the last couple of days. The two illustrations are studies for real paintings and the other one is just a head structure study I did tonight in pastel on the back of a drawing pad.

7-23-09 SK

Ok, so this is a digital sketch, took just under an hour. Its for my Renaissance history class. The assignment was to visually create a scene from Dante's Inferno...or write a sonnet in old English.
...I'm not writing a sonnet, sorry lol. As for this scene, its where the old man on the boat comes to take Donte to the other side of deaths river.

7.23.09 DH

Foolin' with the watercolor.
Many issues with this -- but the mini goal I set was to use only one brush (as big a one as I could). Plus I just wanted to try out a page in my new sketchbook.

PS. Not sure why I decided to date this 3 months ago. It really was done today.

7.23.09 DH

7-23-09 SK

These are studies for location drawing where I mimic another artist style of line work...and man, my O.C.D. meter was off the charts. Trying to fight my natural tendencies was difficult. Seemed more of a mental exercise than a drawing one lol.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7.22.09 DH

This little blog is no joke!
It is waaaay too easy to get behind when you're not working in the studio regularly (I'm still renovating my kitchen) Still, here's work from the last couple days.


Composition studies and random perspective stuff

Sunday, July 19, 2009

7.19.09 LW

not sure what the hell this is...

7-19-09 SK

Here are some quickies for my independent study project. The basic idea here is to combine unlikely things in a single environment or setting. In these drawings I play with the idea of a Victorian mansion atop an oil rig, and a giant dead ant being excavated by modern equipment. Hoping to create images that will tell a story, and "beg the question".

Friday, July 17, 2009

7-17-09 SK

After being lazy, and being threatened with banishment from the blog ( thank you Lee for kicking me in the rear) I have returned, and shall remain. I was just gonna post some location drawings from class today, but I felt that would have been weak sauce. So I'm starting back up with some fresh golden eagle studies.