Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7-29-09 SK

OK, I need to explain this painting. I had this idea of a Beetlejuice redesign (just for fun), but in a more darker and maniacal style, and after seeing the new Alice in Wonderland trailer I got inspired by that Tim Burton style. Also, you guys are pumping out these head studies recently, which also inspired me. So, this "speed painting" turned into 3 hours of experimentation LOL.


  1. The explanation is good. I think it's always fun to go through and rework designs others have done.

    I do have to give you a bit of a hard time though -- you do know that Beetlejuice was a Tim Burton film right?

    So this is kind of like a Burton squared design.

    Pretty cool!

  2. LOL yeah I do know Beetlejuice is Burton. The Alice trailer had me thinking back to old movies he did. The way he warped the actors bodies and looks in the Alice trailer had me thinking what would beetlejuice look like with that kind of overhaul.