Friday, October 23, 2009

10.22.09 LMoyer

Sketching in Photoshop is so much more pleasant than sketching in pencil....


  1. These are cool! If "painterly" sketching is your thing, why not try to sketch using tone instead of line? Make the drawing feel like a painting. Maybe with charcoal or powdered graphite?

  2. My thoughts are in line with Lee W's.
    Can you identify what the qualities of Photoshop are that make you prefer it to pencil?
    I know that in my case recently I want to explore tone, value and shape (which painterly sketching does so well) over edge and contour (which is what pencil sketching tends to encourage)

  3. I love working in tone, and always have, but for the moment at least, I'll keep trying the contour thing as a clear area of discomfiture. I've been paying attention to the brilliant Phil Hale, and it's clear that contour drawing is a major tool in his arsenal. And that he brings that to his painting. I just don't quite know how yet...

    But, embarrassing as it is, I actually hate mess (powdered graphite sounds nightmarish to me, but maybe you can give me a demo sometime...).

    I also >love< color.
    That combo means I'm always going to be happier in Photoshop than elsewhere. :)