Friday, March 26, 2010

3.26.10 L.White

messin' around in watercolor...

scanner cut off the foot and top of the page. oh well...


  1. Flip'n AWESOME. God I'm jealous of your painting and drawing style. Really great work.

  2. Yup -- what Steve said.
    This is pretty fun!

  3. This style is a very good one for you (or for me if I could manage it!) This one is a touch too gross in its exaggeration for my personal taste (a wee bit to Daliesque), but only a little bit. Bravo

  4. Thanks guys! I finally feel like I'm STARTING to understand watercolor. I didn't really do much thinking when I drew this one. I think lee may be right in that it's too much tweakin' goin on. I did a very realistic one before this (same pose) that really bored me. So maybe this was a reaction to that. still fun to do tho'!