Saturday, March 20, 2010


Rough for a possible comics cover.
I'm loving the colors and wondering why this sort of palette is only coming to me now...



  1. reminds me of the colors of the interior of St. Marks in Venice. With that in mind, introducing a bit of a subdued plum-ish color would work well....

  2. Mmmm, St. Mark's. Though not particularly religious myself, I have spent a fair amount of time there. It's still got miles to go, but I'll be keeping the plum in mind.

  3. It really all depends on the concept for this piece. How do you want the viewer to feel as they look at this?

  4. I want to convey that this guy is a stoic sentinal sort of character, in touch with the world's workings... I'll likely post more sketches as I try to put it together.

    PS: I'd have responded sooner if I had known you commented. Hint hint. :)

  5. Lee, Hint taken. I poked around and still haven't figured out how to "notify" authors yet. Clearly my nemesis is more clever than I am.