Thursday, March 25, 2010

3-25-10 Harpster

Was on sketchoholic last night [LINK] watching Bobby Chiu's latest live streaming video and participated in his live drawing contest. Have to draw a given subject in less than an hour. The participants upload their art and then vote on the art posted. It's a fun event and I actually won last night. Get an original Bobby Chiu art sketch/painting.


  1. Congratulations on wining! I've known about Chiu's sessions for a while but haven't gotten it together to participate. Fun piece!

  2. He has some really great interviews on that site that are worth watching too.

    Hey, I had a suggestion for this site. Can we extend the number of art pieces shown on the site? So when viewers scroll down the page they see more art. Just have to change something in the settings menu.

  3. Good suggestion. I'll make the change.