Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's a start

Thanks for inviting me into this Lee. I will try and keep up with the excellent example you guys have set. Wow. Some great looking work. Right now though, 99% of my time is taken up with a 250 page graphic novel (OMG did I agree to THAT!) I am working on for Chronicle Books. So my sketches are usually studies or page roughs for that. This is a page made up of scenes they wanted to see as I edit the final draft of the script. These are NOT consecutive and some of them include rough drafts of locations and characters yet. The top frame is a colored sample so they can test the production process. John Lind will be art directing the book.This is directly from my sketch book. I draw my pages in sketch books and loose leaf paper and take what I like best, scan and 'ink' in Photoshop. That's why it's a mess!

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  1. Hey Mark, welcome aboard! Nice to see your process sketches! I'm looking forward to our crit group. Maybe we can start this sat.?

    So when you post to this blog, use the date and your name. So today's would read: 8.10.09 MFearing. That way it's easy to see who's posting what. I'll add you to the links in the side bar.

    This site is starting to get a lot of traffic which should increase hits to our own website...