Wednesday, August 19, 2009

08.19.09 DHohn

It's been a pretty hectic week and I haven't posted as regularly as I've wanted to. To make up here's a slew of sketches done while I was camping earlier this week.

I got in and started working sketches like these above. Fun, nice, but a bit of been-ther-done-that.

Then I gave this guy a go. I liked it, but wanted to try pushing the mediums a bit more.

I did this second version of the evergreen tree above while channeling a chinese watercolorist named Chang (I'll find out his full name -- really talented watercolorist) Anyway I really liked it. Thought I'd made a breakthrough.

Tried the process again -- modifying slightly to try and control the medium a bit more -- and came up with this considerably more disappointing effort. And so the search continues . . .

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