Monday, August 17, 2009

8-17-09 SKeenan

Another creature design for fun, to add to my "creature" portion of my portfolio. This is from an older sketch I found in which I cleaned up and ended up really liking the design. Seems everyone creates aggressive concept creatures (including me) , so I thought making a herbivore type grazing animal would be fun. I call this guy the "Gorebuck" , I know, I'm a geek lol.


  1. how do you get that bg texture? is this digital?

  2. I have taken and collected digital pictures of various things like rocks, grass, dirt and other gritty stuff. When my painting is completely done, the last thing I do is drop in textures as overlay layers on very low opacity. It allows my images to look less "photoshopy" and more organic. Some times I will even paint on the textures after I dicover happy accidents. The textures used in this piece are from a rock surface, and some grass. You can use anything as a texture and it works beautifully. The key is to not have it be overwhelming and to have it compliment the piece your doing.

  3. sweet - thanks for the explanation!