Thursday, August 13, 2009

8-13-09 SKeenan

Ok, let me explain this one. A few weeks ago I was sitting in on Lee's quicksketch class while he went over the creature design assignment It got me thinking, and I wanted to revisit an old creature design that I did for quicksketch class almost 3 years ago. I liked the creature i did, but my drawing has grown leaps and bounds since then. Also, while at Pittock Mansion last week drawing, Lee gave me a few new ideas how to approach line work. So, all that said, I wanted to redo this guy using what I know now. I had lots of fun with this one! It took just over 3 hours from drawing to final paint. I call him...the Snowy Rage Beast!!!

Edit: added the old original..


  1. Excellent! I like that you aren't shy about going back to old pieces. Could be cool to see what the original looked like.

  2. Done, dug up the original. Quite the change!

  3. Uh . . . yeah . . .
    Holy moly what a change!