Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4.28.10 HGolson

Trying to discover some nice limited palettes. BTW, if anyone can recommend a waterproof ink that IS ACTUALLY WATERPROOF, please, please by all means let me know.


  1. I feel like this recommendation is going to simply be a repeat of last spring's "waterproof inkjet ink" but I've had consistent results with Higgin's Waterproof Black India Ink.

    But it seems like that's one you would have already tried . . .

  2. the whole deal with it being waterproof or not has as much to do with the paper as the ink. If you are working on a fairly non absorbent paper, like canson watercolor paper, the ink will always bleed some. Arches paper works reasonably well, but you need to wash off the sizing first. That's what causes the ink to sit on the surface instead of being absorbed into the paper.

    I like the Higgin's "black magic" india ink. Let it dry for a little while before going over it and you should be safe.