Thursday, April 1, 2010

4.1.10 LeeMoyer

Here's Plan B. Still haven't heard back from the client, but they can't really think this one is a drama, can they?


  1. I definitely don't get "serious drama" from this.
    Out of curiosity what's your pitch for this concept?

  2. The singer is petrified of going on stage (ala Max Fleischer) is the basic pitch. They didn't like the serious one, so here's a far simpler one. They're going with the one on the left as it happens.

  3. I think you nailed your concept.
    Was this the same idea you were going for with the first option you presented? The Fleischer style definitely makes this feel like a comedy.

    I like the bullseye composition you went with on the left one.

    One thing to consider: the tenor clef keeps reading as a "B", so I sometimes read the title as "Blend me a Tenor". You might knock back the white, or change it to a tenor clef, or alter the font of "Lend me a Tenor" to something that is less calligraphic.

  4. No. The first one was intended as more mysterious, interesting and personal. They didn't really have a plan that works, the show was touch and go for a while (it's on Broadway with Tony Shaloub soon). The first poster was all about talking themes with the Director. This one was talking tone in the season with the Producer. Hopefully it's the exception, not the rule...

    Thanks for the clef thoughts. I'll be differentiating it from the tile somehow....