Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4.20.10 LeeMoyer

Clearly I'm no Howell, though happily the style I'm shooting for is intentionally not so fine either.
I kept having old underused and under-appreciated pens die on me.
What do you use for paper and ink for your work Howell?


  1. None of us are a Howell -- but this turned out pretty neat. Is this just for fun?

    I've seen Howell do a demo and he's into the scratchboard kind of thing. If I remember correctly he'll use india ink, a brush and metal nibbed pen and metal scraper to create the woodcut look to his work.

  2. I've done Scratchboard (nay, scraperboard) back in the day, but never on anything with so little black. But doing sots of black and then cutting it away might indeed be wise....

    To appease your curiosity, I'll post the next part of this.:)

  3. dude, i totally overlooked your question- I use whatever papers don't bleed. I have this special "manga" paper that does well. Also, i use either a crow-quill pen (you can get sweet antique nibs at Columbia) , a rapidograph (i can hear the moans from artists everywhere- but i actually really dig the absence of line variation) or a pentel brush pen.

  4. Thanks!

    Manga paper eh?
    Is there a link on the interwebs you can recommend?
    I did indeed groan at your Rapidograph comment (not that I dislike the line, only the pens themselves).