Wednesday, April 7, 2010

04-07-10 BGreen

Had fun playing around in a japanese paintchat. Also sorry about the infrequency of my posts but as hard as I am trying to not think about it, I find way too many of my sketches too embarrassing to show off.


  1. Best way to get better at this (or anything) is to keep doing it on a daily basis. Is there something in particular that you are trying to acquire in your work?

  2. Drawing is a weakness of mine since I started out in speed painting instead, what I'm really struggling with at the moment is taking my unplanned sketches to completion.

    It's less of an issue when I'm doing illustrations since I can do preparation through thumbnails, reference and the like and just redraw it over and over until I have something that works.

    It's important to me that I start a sketch loosely and since the structured approach doesn't connect terribly well with it, I had a hard time finding a type of construction that worked well for me. Do you know of any that you could recommend?

    I already grinded on Andrew Loomis's approach day in and day out for years to no avail and I don't know where I should go, generally I'm just looking for a way to make my loose approach more reliable and take more of my sketches to completion.