Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9-7-10 Harpster

Yes, all I'm drawing right now are these made up monsters. Working from home and watching a 15 month old has killed my free time for going out and drawing. Right now my kid sees me drawing and he wants to grab the pen out of my hand. I just finished a really huge project for work so that should leave some new time for more intense studies and maybe a life drawing class or two.


  1. Hey steve, i like all the monsters. It looks like you are having fun with them.

    If you want to branch out a bit, but can't find the time, try spending one of your sketch sessions just planning what you want to draw. Then get reference images for that content.

    For my costume class I had to gather all kinds of reference just in case the model didn't show. Now I've got over 200 images that I'm DYING to draw or paint. If I have some spare time to draw, I'm never left wondering what it should be, I just open my folder and find something quick. I have another folder for environments, master painters that I want to study, etc. It's great fun and keeps the work fresh.

    Of course, I can't imaging how hard it is lookin' after the young un' and trying to draw at the same time. But I guess I'll find out as my baby boy is due in TWO FREAKIN" WEEKS!! : )

  2. Those are good ideas, I'm going to start a reference folder today of things I want to draw or need work on. One reason I am drawing all these monsters is for a new book I want to self publish this year. I figured I can watch the baby and make a book at the same time.

    You're going to love being a dad. It's the best thing I have ever experienced but the biggest change to every day living. The six weeks is baby boot camp, you make it through the first six weeks and it gets so much easier.