Tuesday, September 14, 2010

09.14.10 DHohn

Another little iso study. A little more technical than the last one (you can see that I ticked off the base layer into units)


  1. something about this doesn't look to code. I'm going to have to call the city and them take a look at it. Seems to close to the street to me...

  2. Hi David! I know we talked about possible applications of isometric layouts in Illustration our last class, and I stumbled over this neat example today: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6zk7nz7u63g/TH_H1OJ-jNI/AAAAAAAAFBg/hwmV83EZWtU/s1600/prints_ZombieFair_main.jpg by Scott. C. ( http://scott-c.blogspot.com/ ).

  3. Excellent, Thanks Laura! (Zombies going to a fair . . . that's crazy)