Thursday, September 30, 2010

09.30.10 DHohn

I gotta' confess that I haven't touched my sketch book this week. Mostly because I'm either working on client projects or updating information for the classes I'll teach this term.
I thought I'd post these two photos since they are in the "spirit" of this blog (i.e. improving the skillz)

I'd also appreciate any thoughts on how understandable these images are. The second image is a little tricky because the idea of a shadow vanishing point (SVP2) landing on the wall isn't the most intuitive thing. (as I look at it, I might have to redo that setup for clarity)


  1. Oh dear, I have no idea what any of this is. Shadow vanishing points? It makes sense that they would exist but I've never even heard of it before! When do I get to learn this from you? Haha.

  2. Its pretty readable for me. The only thing that is a little fuzzy is the svp2 on the lower image. Everything looks right on svp2. The only trouble i would have with it would be knowing how to get that point from scratch (if that makes any sense), but I think you kind of covered saying that already. I agree with you...

  3. Laura,
    BOOM! You just learned it! Howz that feel?!
    Actually, there's a bit more than that to the Cast Shadow discussion. I cover this is the Background Layout course. But you can stop in sometime and I'll go over the info with you.

    SVP2 is just like SVP1 but instead of projecting to the ground plane it is projected to the wall. Except in my still life the "wall" is quite short. So if you simply extrude the wall up and back (using principals of linear perspective) you'll find where the light source intersects with the wall -- and BOOM! You got yourself a SVP2! Sweet huh? (But I'm afraid that for someone just starting out with these concepts what I just wrote would make their heads explode)

  4. Ah, well I'm planning on taking you Background Layout class in the next few terms anyways, so that works out well.

  5. Oh I see it now. In my brain I extended the ground plane for svp1, but I failed (for some reason) to realize that the wall was at a different angle and would continue going back in space for svp2.