Tuesday, January 19, 2010

01.19.10 Skeenan

Hey everybody. I need to apologize for the lack of posts. I got a contract job and have been doing tons of drawing, but I can't post what I'm working on. I have a new respect for you guys who draw all day for work, and then draw extra on top of that...ahh the lessons of the noob. Anyway, here's something I can post. It's for my hawk hunter project which is almost finished and the contest deadline is very close. This is where the little hawk hunters live.. in dilapidated bird houses..


  1. Really cool illustration. Was it shaded in Painter or Photoshop? Good job on this. Like to see the sketchbook drawings too.

  2. Hi Steve,thanks! welcome to the blog by the way...as for your question, I used photoshop to tone this drawing. I still haven't tried painter..

  3. Painter. . . I wish I could kick the door open on that program. I still feel like I've got no control over it -- except for the charcoal/chalk brush. That one I get.