Friday, January 8, 2010

01.08.10 DHohn

I came across an old high school yearbook the other day -- and who can resist those faces!
Something about yearbook photos say so much about the character of the teenagers who are forced to sit for them.


  1. Great stuff. If I hadn't thrown my Yearbook away (and if I wasn't trying to catch up after a month a illness), I'd follow this fine lead. :)

  2. Thanks! These are sorta' nostagically fun.
    I might have another go in the future too.

  3. Keep rockin' the house. :)

    I wish I got a note in my email when you wrote back, checking back (esp. while being a slacker) is a bit of a downer...

  4. Hmmm. . . seems like that's something Google would have thought of. I'll have a look and see what might be available. (Of course you might never see this message so, nevermind)

  5. I JUST thought to check back for a reply. It's silly in the extreme, and I appreciate your efforts.

  6. absolutely dude-
    i'm sure you've seen Crumb- where he is drawing yearbook photos- awesome stuff, yes that's good fun