Thursday, January 14, 2010

01.14.10 DHohn

First day of the winter term at AiPD and I always start the class with a portrait (as literal or interpretative as they like) of Einstein. I wonder how many versions of this guy I've done?


  1. Nice sketches posted here. I also draw on toned brown paper. Just wondering what you use for the white. I've tried all kinds of milky white pens but they haven't worked for me. I've been using a white chalk pencil for my white.

  2. I tried a bunch of different things too. In the end I've gone with white gouache. I have the tiny little palette with about 6 colors of gouache on it that travels around with me.

  3. Gouache was the only thing I found that worked other than the white chalk pencil. The milky pens always seem to get clogged and quite working.