Thursday, September 24, 2009

9.25.09 LMoyer

Alrighty, I'm working on a more painterly style. I've got almost a month until World Fantasy Con (where a lot of publishing biz goes on in the bars and restaurants). And I think I can finish one (if not both) of these pieces in time to pop it into a new portfolio. Therefore, it's important to find out:

1. Which to put more emphasis on (in case I only have time to finish one).
2. Issues or comments. Do any of the basics not make sense? Thoughts?

Thanks for your input.


  1. These are both intriguing images and it would awesome to finish both! But if I had to chose one to take to finish, I'd go for the big bad wolf. To me it has narrative thats pretty unique which certainly "begs the question". On the other hand the mermaid has a strong narrative too! I'm the wrong guy to weigh in here.. I'm so indecisive and fickle lol.

  2. I appreciate yourthoughts Shaun, and I am indeed going to try for both, even if I need to put a long-term (paying) project needs to take a slight back-burner...