Friday, September 25, 2009

9-25-09 SKeenan

So this value/comp study is based on a photo I took of myself ( for lighting, and no I will not post said photo of me playing wolfman ) and a lose drawing I liked. I want the rage and intensity typically found in wolfmen to come across here. I'm liking the direction its going so far...also this is the first time I've 'sketched' in photoshop building up tone without a scanned drawing to guide me. I kinda like it, it has a free feeling to it.

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  1. Great to see you experimenting with the technology. I'm doing some stuff that is much in the same vein these days and finding it very rewarding.

    My concern with this piece is the cropping. I'd recommend leaving a lot of space around the image to start and then cropping in when it's all said and done. That way there's room for good things to develop. I'd also suggest finding a use for the piece (even if it's a use you make up), so that you can work to a spec. I think it's easier to make the cropping suit your whim, than to make the drawing suit the specs.