Sunday, September 27, 2009

9-27-09 SKeenan

Final painting of my wolfman comp. Thanks Lee for the cropping advice. I pulled it back and it works way better. Also, Lee, you mentioned something about "finding a use" when you commented on the value study. What exactly did you mean by that? Do you mean what the ultimate intent of the illustration is going to be? This piece (as well as the pirate and some others) are part of a card game project that will hopefully be published. Either way its a good chance for me to expand my portfolio. So in terms of working to a spec, I'm sorta doing that with these. The dimentions are fixed and the print size will be small. Also Lee, I saw on your site you've done work for wizards of the coast (awesome by the way), so in your opinion are my images working well for that format and genre? Sorry for the wall of text :)


  1. I'm not reading his front hand (?) correctly as it stands, but overall I'm delighted to hear that you have a plan. Card games are a fine format, and these pieces would be good in that context.

    Both these pieces have been finished in a way that suggests the rain (or seaspray is as important as the subjects. If you are looking for work based on these pieces, I recommend doing your next pieces in full light without atmospherics (lest ADs think you are hiding problems with your drawings in the darkness and atmosphere).

  2. Thanks for the feed back! Great point about the atmospheric elements. I never thought of it that way. I will do my next piece in a brightly lite environment. I don't want people thinking I'm hiding something. And with the foreground hand I was attempting to just show a glimpse of the top of his index and middle fingers plus the knuckles. If its not reading I'm gona have to redo

  3. I'd try moving the hand around to show his foreground thumb and then a couple hints of fingertips. That should do the job...