Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9-22-09 SKeenan

Ok, so here's the revised painting. I pulled the camera back to the original comp to sell the narrative I wanted to depict better. I took away the warmer colors and added in greenish hues to add to the "being at sea" feeling(thanks Flying dutchman painting!) plus it sells the idea of peril more ( didnt want optimistic feelings, like David mentioned). I also desaturated the painting overall, since its cloudy and stormy, the color wouldnt be very vibrant. Lastly I tried to add in the subtelies of my original drawing into the pirates face (harder angles).


  1. Really nice! There's a tension right at the end of the sword (probably due to the tangent of the blade and the edge of the picture plane) that I really like!

  2. Thanks! I'm really learning the value of taking a piece to that extra 10-15 percent, and making modifications to make it better.