Friday, November 19, 2010

11.19.10 DHohn

Totally feeling the peer pressure from all the cool work you guys have been posting recently (and Norman you know who you are). Here's some recent watercolor doodles. I really want to get the negative shapes to be as interesting and informative as the positive shapes.


  1. Really cool!

    Have you thought about prsenting your sketch style as your finished work style? I think the clients would go for it in a second. That might mean you get a different set of clients than the ones you currently work for. Your sketch work seems so loose, yet controlled that I find it more interesting than the finished work. Of course, I like throwing paint and splashing around with the marks, so my opinion might be skewed. What do you think??

  2. I'm gunnin' for you David! Haha. These are pretty freaking awesome by the way. Also, I think Lee maybe on to something.

  3. Yeah, I think Lee's onto something too.