Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11.16.10 L.White

This is a study for a bigger painting. I'm trying out Fabriano paper which is handmade in italy. It's expensive so I want to make sure there is a difference over Arches...


  1. Beautiful, as always. I quite enjoy wet-on-wet effects you are getting. Did you find much of a difference over Arches?

  2. Looks good! I too want to know any difference over Arches (I need to buy a new ream of 300 lb cold press)

  3. thanks guys.

    I have 3 other versions of the Fabriano paper that I'm testing. Not sure if it's a go or not. One big difference over arches is Fabriano has a bright white base whereas the Arches is off white. If you aren't laying in that much paint that's not a big deal, but with each wash you need that white base to keep the color clear and strong.

    The other differences are how quickly the wash is accepted into the paper once the paint goes down. Arches is so beautiful when working wet in wet, so that's what I need to see with the Fabriano. Charles Reid recommended the Fabriano, so that's why I'm giving it a whirl.