Sunday, November 7, 2010

11.07.10 DHohn

I purchased the Brushes app about a year ago and found it to be pretty challenging to use (especially when compared with the awesomness that is my little sketch book and watercolor brush/pen)
But I've been traveling this last week and since airport security discourages anything that contains liquids and looks even remotely sharp I found myself with time to kill and a need to draw with SOMETHING -- so my iPhone had to do. These two started to kick open the possibilities of the app.
Not bad, but I'd really like something resembling a stylus (that's not my finger)


  1. I think they came out great. I especially love the girl. What a cool app! You did this all with your finger?

  2. Thanks Casey! Yeah, this is essentially finger painting -- albeit with more control over the size of the mark my finger makes.