Friday, August 6, 2010

8-6-10 Harpster

I finally went to life drawing class today. It's been a while and it was rough. The poses went on too long at times and I got bored so I drew other members in the class.


  1. Hey steve, good to hear that you made it to a model session. I get bored too if the poses go over 15 minutes. These are pretty cool, but I think the marks seem a little unsure in direction and weight.

    Maybe take a look at the Gibson Girl drawings by Charles Dana Gibson and see how he used that pen. He's a real pro at it, using very loose but confident lines (Bastard! I hate him for this ability!!!!!! I'm so jealous!!)

  2. I'd like to hear you talk more about weight and direction. Since I'm self-taught, I've only ever had a fool for a teacher, and things like this are not as obvious to me as I'd like.