Sunday, August 15, 2010

8-15-10 Harpster

First my wife was sick and then I got sick and then this week my kid was sick. It's summer! Who get's sick in the summer? Sore throat, stuffed up, tired....Great time. I feel better now and was able to work on these all day yesterday while watching the baby.


  1. great monsters. Glad you are feeling better, it is the worst when everyone including the baby are sick.

    The top monster, did you make highlights digitally? The eyes particularly pop.

    Nice colors.

  2. You caught me. I tried adding highlights with my white pen, but it wouldn't work so I added all the highlights in Photoshop, but the top monster I tinkered with more and more till I made myself stop.

  3. adding details digitally isn't cheating. Sometimes those white pens just aren't enough. I like how it came out.

  4. Thanks, I was happy with it too and exploring more of this style.