Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1.5.11 C.Buckles

I didn't have access to a scanner until today. Here is yesterday's study


  1. nice camille! all your studies are great! one thing though, don't forget to direct some of your efforts to getting some finished work. These could be studies for a painting, character design, etc.

    Taking a design to a finish is normally the biggest challenge I see from the students at AI.

    You are really developing your chops with this work though. I think it's fantastic!

  2. I have to agree with what Lee said, the only way you can "study" making finished artwork is by actually doing it. So set some time aside for that too, I made the mistake of studying only and it totally screwed me over.

    All the studies you've been doing though are pretty ace and you'll kick some serious ass if you can keep this up.

  3. Concur with the comments above. I was just paging through your "Quick Sketch" PDF and the improvement is considerable!

  4. Thanks, guys! Yeah, ya'll are right. I definitely need to churn out some more finished things. Last night I got a chance to look at the Skillful Huntsman and I'm going to try out their steps to complete designs for a story.

    That book is brilliant. Thanks for recommending it to me.