Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1.18.11 C.Buckles

The other day I was forced to look at my portfolio pieces.
My first reaction upon seeing my folio was "UGH!" so now I'm trying to redo them.
We'll see.
This is a skull-battletrumpet-thingymajigger
new (1 hour of work)
Yeah, I know I didn't get very much done. I was kinda all over the place with rendering.
That stupid pitchblack background is stupid. I'd like to change it but unfortunately I lost my original psd so I've been working off of a flat jpg. Also I don't know what I would change the black into, ha.
Comments? Suggestions?


  1. good to wade through your portfolio and see what you might want to keep and update. Before getting too far though, you may want to really analyze what market you are going for and what work would appeal to them.

    That said, I think the painting on this is pretty nice, but the angle you chose is killing me! Is it supposed to stand on it's hat thingy? Looks a bit weird and off balance.

    I want to see a three quarter view of the face. The background can stay a dark value, but it doesn't have to be totally black. A low saturation of any color and/or pattern might be nice back there.

  2. Hey, Lee, thanks for the reply :D

    Hat thingy? I'm confused. The purple part on the bottom of the trumpet is the mouthpiece. I tried to illustrate the trumpet at a 3-quarter angle standing straight up, the way it would be held if someone was blowing in it.

    Er, this is really hard to explain without being able to show you thumbnails haha

    but now that you mentioned it, the picture is off balance and I noticed that, while the top half of the trumpet is in 3/4 view, the bottom half is flat to us.