Saturday, December 18, 2010

12.18.10 DHohn

Just working to get a handle on a new medium. Not gonna' be pretty at the start.


  1. he's holding a staff and a bow. he has to drop one to use the other. Just sayin'

  2. Oh yeah Lee, like you've never shown off you vast armamentarium of weaponry for a ready camera....

  3. This is done in Painter X.

    It's one of those programs that I have never spent the time to play/work in. The biggest thing is that I want to understand the Wacom 6D pen and the barrel rotation. It doesn't react the way I expect it to and I find that frustrating.

    I want it to work like a flat or a filbert; where I drag the pen one direction to get a thin stroke and then change direction 90 deg to get a thick stroke. So far it will do the thick/thin variation but not in a consistent way. Any suggestions or resources anyone can suggest?

    And this image is of a ceremonial guard outside Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul. (Lee M. called it) I'm pretty sure the bow was attached to his belt so if some tourist bugged him he could easily let fly with his staff. No worries.

  4. If you get it figured out, I'll be fascinated to hear about it. BU I'm deep in the Creative Director mode, so there's not much experimentation in technique going on for me...