Sunday, July 11, 2010

07.11.10 LMoyer: Between a Hard Rock and Art Nouveau

So here's the print I'll be signing at the SanDiego ComicCon.:

Maybe some of you will be there?


  1. Lovely! What is this for? Is it similar to what you did for the Tori Amos book project?

    Mucha really did create a very distinctive look didn't he? I only recently saw one of his original posters -- those things are huge!!

  2. For the lovely Rock Musician (formerly of Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins) and the signing in SanDiego I linked to.

    Mucha was awesome, but while it's safe to say he codified a style we think of as Parisian, it bears much more in common with his Slavic ancestors and the great Ivan Bilibin.