Monday, July 19, 2010

07.19.10 DHohn

Spent an afternoon in the Victoria and Albert museum.
Too much cool stuff!!


  1. These two are really cool. Do you start with the brown pen and then move to the ink pen for detail? Or is it the reverse and the brown pen is only used for shading?

    Also I found that a white jelly roll pen that works really good, just curious as to what you use.

  2. It's pretty much a back and forth.
    I start with the watercolor brush pen (brown ink) and do a quick lay-in. Then I go after the silhouette with the ink pen. Then I go after volume with more ink. And finally the white to make the image 'pop'. I haven't yet coughed up for the white pen, here I'm using a white charcoal pencil. But my preference is the white gouache -- but I haven't found a good way to travel with that yet.

  3. Oke, Now you owe the design of a cupid with a scythe.