Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3.23.11 C.Buckles

Burrs! Sun burrs from photo reference. Photoshop terrifies me a bit less now.
My current fear scale: spiders>clowns>photoshop>pigeons


  1. Pigeons? Just pigeons? or all birds? Any-who, these look pretty awesome!! I would never have guessed you weren't confident in photoshop. But I wonder, where was photoshop on the list before?

  2. Norman- Just pigeons, with there dead, staring eyes and living everywhere. It's like The Birds waiting to happen. The list before listed Photoshop as being scarier than clowns. I think if I saw a Photoshop painting of a realistic giant spider head on a clown body... oh lord, whyyyy?

    THanks for the nice compliment, Norman!

    Nick- yay! thanks :]