Monday, October 4, 2010

10-4-10 Harpster

I just got an ipad and here are two sketches that I did on it. I used the sketchbookpro app and the special stylus pen that only works for the ipad. The stylus pen has a spongy tip and is very thin and not really comfortable for drawing...actually my hand hurt after doing it for a while. The ipad is not very pressure sensitive when you compare it to the wacom tablets or the cintiq. It is a glimpse at what is to come and I believe that in two years these tablets will be right up to par with the cintiq. One other crit is that you aren't able to create a 300dpi image with the ipad, but you can sketch up an ideas and e-mail them to yourself open it in photoshop and then jack up that resolution to do your final render.

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