Sunday, June 27, 2010

6.27.10 HGolson

ATTENTION: Speedball Super Black waterproof india ink is ACTUALLY WATERPROOF.

This is an admittedly overworked sketch. attached though are some rough color ideas. Using Cobalt, Alizarin, Windsor Yellow

I'm kind of perturbed by watercolor's tendency to over-saturate the edges... making the linework more difficult to read. thinking of using acrylic inks instead.


  1. Nice sketch!
    May I suggest Dr. Martin's watercolor inks?
    I grabbed a bottle of this on my recent travels and found that I was irritated that the pigment dried very evenly and didn't have that darker edge that you mention.

  2. If memory serves, Dr. Martin's inks/dyes fade really badly over time. That may have changed over the years, but...

  3. A good point to keep in mind. I only just gave them a go in the last two weeks so no fading just yet.