Saturday, May 8, 2010

5.8.10 HGolson

This is a tight thumbnail for a several-page piece to open up a literary/art journal. The blue lines separate the pages. I had to think about the flow of the entire piece, the composition of each spread, as well as where those damn gutters are!

You might have to open your browser up as big as possible to see this!


  1. Lovely stuff. As a big HP Lovecraft fan, I find the ending octopod especially pleasing :)

    Challenging things like this also seem so fun to me - this one resembles the challenges a couple friends have faced doing postage stamps.

    How large will the folded pages be?

  2. each page is A5, about 8 inches tall.

  3. Looks good! Also looks like a challenging project! Gonna' finish this in your black and white scratchboard style?