Friday, November 20, 2009

11.20.09 DHohn

Sat in on Lee W's Game art Preproduction class today, for which Shaun is acting as Art Director. They're working on a very cool project this term! These are some demo sketches I did during the class.


  1. Awesome.
    How do you have the TIME?

  2. In this case Lee needed me to substitute for his class. Since the term is pretty far along the students are really self-directed. So for the most part I had 4 hours of not too much to do. I sat in in critiques/project updates from each team and would offer an alternative POV if needed. Between Shaun as AD and Nathaniel as Project Manager -- I didn't need to offer much.

  3. Hey man, thanks again for subbing for me. Isn't that a cool project!

  4. Wow.
    What a nice gig all around...

  5. hi man, this is awesome. just found your blog, really like the style. what materials are you using?
    and where did the inspiration for this aesthetic come from?